About Us

Tree Truck Ltd was established in 2001 primarily as in independent contractor working with Powerco to clear trees from their network.  The company started off with a single Elevated Work Platform – the ‘Tree Truck’.

However, we quickly recognised that Wanganui lacked quality arboricultural work and soon we extended our services to include all aspects of Arboriculture.

Richard Te Ngahue leads the company.  He is a qualified Level 4 Arborist and is well respected for his high safety and work quality standards.

Wanganui District Council
As the Wanganui District Council’s incumbent Arboricultural contractor, our staff take great pride in maintaining the city's 10,000 trees.

Tree Truck is one of a small handful of companies approved by Powerco to clear vegetation from their network. This approval is only granted following an extensive audit of a company's systems, Health and Safety procedures and evidence of compulsory training for staff.

Private clientele
We have a large customer base, built over the past 10 years with most of our work coming from repeat clients and their referrals. Tree Truck has a solid reputation for quality work and customer service.

Safety is paramount to our company and our reputation is recognised by organisations such as Downer EDI Works Ltd, Fulton Hogan Ltd and Horizons Regional Council. As Approved contractors we regularly partner with these organisations to complete their tree projects.

When it comes to safety – we walk the walk.  Our staff are fully trained. They receive formal Arboricultural training through the NZ Horticulture ITO and all hold current first aid certificates.  At six monthly intervals the crew practises rescue training from the elevated work platform and from trees using rope climbing techniques. This is the company’s commitment to keeping our staff safe.

Tree Truck has zero tolerance to drug use in the work place.

If you would like to speak with Richard to discuss your trees contact us.


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