Mulch Sales

We offer for sale well composted wood chip mulch.

Our mulch is made from whole chipped trees with no additives.  It is composted in windrows and allowed to ‘heat up’ before being turned on a regular basis to aerate it and repeat the heating up process.

The result is an attractive garden mulch which feeds your garden while helping retain moisture and reduce weeds.

No additives – just recycling Mother Nature.

Sold by the cubic metre.  You can use our courtesy trailer, or bring your own.
For large amounts we can deliver within the Wanganui Region.

For more information inquire here.

Mulch DSCF3022

Tips when using mulch:

  • Sometimes more is better – we recommend mulching to a depth of at least 100mm.
  • Lay mulch before the soil dries out, usually Spring.
  • Keep mulch away from the base of your trees as it can encourage rot.
  • Do not use freshly chipped mulch around young trees and shrubs as it can rob nitrogen from the soil as is breaks down.
  • Encourage soil bacteria and worms by sprinkling hydrated lime over the mulch.

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