Tree Maintenance
Trees can be pruned for many reasons. Regular pruning can help maintain and improve a tree’s structure.  Young trees can be form pruned to promote a strong central leader and encourage a nice shape.  Older trees can be thinned to allow more light below and make a feature out of its branch structure.
Common forms of maintenance are:-
Canopy Lift
Selected branches removed to lift the tree and provide better access and light below.   This can improve your lawn or provide a better outlook to the garden below.  As a general rule we try to achieve 1/3 stem to 2/3 crown.

This method improves the light filtering through the tree and is particularly successful if your tree is shading your house or lawn.  Arborists carefully select the branches to be removed so as to retain the tree’s shape and structure while removing dead wood and crossed or rubbing branches.  It can also improve the tree’s strength against high winds by allowing the wind to pass through the tree.  Fruit trees can benefit from improved light resulting in better fruit production. 

Dead wood removal
Your tree’s health will benefit from the removal of dead wood and reduces the likelihood of branches falling.  Cleaning away unwanted material can improve the health and vigour of  your trees.

Directional or formative pruning
The removal of appropriate branches to encourage a strong, structurally sound tree with a natural form.


Before_and_after  Before_and_after2
A natural form can be maintained, even when restricted by powerlines, if the correct methods are used.

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