Tree Trimming

Your trees are too big and you need them topped??

We regularly receive requests from clients to ‘top’ their trees.  Topping is a very poor method for reducing the height of a tree. It is considered a crime against nature because it weakens the tree by shearing off the leaf bearing crown. The leaves not only provide your tree with food but they also protect it from the sun.  In short, you are shocking your tree and leaving it in a weakened state. Not only have you damaged the health of your tree but you will find that you are actually worse off as the tree will now produce rapid regrowth with multiple shoots just below the main cuts as it tries to replace the missing leaf crown.  These shoots can quickly reach the same height as before, but now the growth is weak and prone to breaking in high winds. Topping destroys the natural form of a tree and often leaves ugly stubs. Many die back as a result. A skilled Arborist will avoid topping a tree and offer you an alternative.

How can I reduce the size of my trees then??

Alternatives to topping are a Crown Thin or Crown Reduction. 

Crown Thinning        
This is the preferred method as it involves the removal of  selected branches from the parent limb or strong lateral branches.          

Benefits of Crown Thinning:      

  • Results in a more natural appearance
  • Increases the time before pruning is needed again
  • Minimises stress to tree  
  • Encourages new growth and ensures it follows the natural form of the tree           
  • Improves wind flow and light.
  • Removes crossed or rubbing branches which can damage tree.  

Crown Reduction pruning should be used as a last resort as it can result in large wounds that may lead to decay in the tree.  Not all tree species are suitable for crown reductions.

You can obtain advice on the best form of maintenance for your tree.  We provide no obligation free quotes. Richard will be happy to meet with you and assess your trees.

pruning_-_afterBefore crown thin

After crown thin


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